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New Moon Trance Song
Love Empire (Origins) Trance Song
Nice Penthouse, Yeah!!! Chipstep Song
Vexed Pantaloons Chipstep Song
A March To Wherever Chipstep Song
Blue Fate Chipstep Song
Aztech + Lockyn: Soulwind Dubstep Song
Voice Reel - November '13 Voice Demo Voice
Game Of Thrones Remix Dubstep Song
Rains Of Castamere 8 Bit Video Game Song
Game of Thrones Video Game Song
Game Of Thrones ~ T1 Dubstep Song
Game of Thrones 8-bit Video Game Song
GaMetal - Deoxys Video Game Song
Godmode on (rerecord) Heavy Metal Song
Pokémon Epic - Master Red Video Game Song
Pokemon Rt 27 Metal Remix Video Game Song
Pokemon Rt 11 Metal Remix Video Game Song
VS Cynthia HGSS Video Game Song
SSJ3 - Battle! Kanto Champion! Video Game Song
Pokeman Extended Video Game Song
Team Rocket Grunt Battle 8BIT Video Game Song
Severe Instincts Video Game Song
Mt. Steel (8 bit) Video Game Song
(MM65) Mt. Moon Remix Video Game Song
Lost Cave Video Game Song
Lost Soul Miscellaneous Song
Letter to My Waifu Funk Song
Regi Battle Video Game Song
Sad Doll Dubstep Song
Calamity Dubstep Song
Light Rising (Quartet) Classical Song
Reaper's Lullaby Miscellaneous Song
Light Of Loudness Dance Song
Delightful Dreams Dance Song
GameBoy Thug-IQaka Beatmaker Video Game Song
Technoplasmatic - Technobitch Techno Song
Requiem of Spirit Glitch Video Game Song
Tricky's Song Video Game Song
[Jay T] NG Anthem Dance Loop
Welcome to Rapture Video Game Song
Needles&Thread [WIP] Dubstep Song
breathe easy Miscellaneous Song
300 Violin Orch. Dubstep Dubstep Song
Lavender Town Syndrome Techno Song
Scrapyard Dubstep Song
Bass Exterminator Dubstep Song
Lone X - Crystal Sword Dubstep Song
Chaos Confined (Metroid) Heavy Metal Song
Fireworks at the Coast Funk Song
UNATCO - Deus Ex Video Game Song
Atomic Runner Chelnov Video Game Loop
Lone X - Inari Awaken Dubstep Song
Dread Rock Remix Dubstep Song
>Overdrive< Trance Song
Time To rest (TN remix) Trance Song
=(Ameythst)= Trance Song
Fort Worth Trance Song
Surreality Trance Song
The Birthing Pool Funk Song
XS & GirlStep - Obelisk Dubstep Song
Pulsar Dubstep Song
XS & GS - Game Over Dubstep Song
[Jay T] - Poundcake! Dubstep Song
Dance of Rainbows Miscellaneous Song
I Want My Heart Back Miscellaneous Song